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Mobile Friendly Website Design Now an Essential Item – No Longer Eye Candy

Expose Media

So how is this not just another sell for agencies to extend website projects for their customers?  Put simply, Google!

Lets start with ticking off the obvious benefits which are what makes the consumers happy. The obvious victory of being able to happily scroll effectively through websites with ease and simplicity – getting the relevant and timely information you need instantly without pinching your screen and squinting your eyes to see an image which is the size of a fly.

The other, if not more important factor is ensuring your website adheres to the Google algorithm which is evolving constantly and is the core mechanic which ranks your business amongst the millions of other sites out there. 

In news, which is vital to the industry and the success of your website, as of the 21st April this year, if you do not have a mobile friendly website, Google will no longer be tracking/ranking your website. Whilst it would not be unfair of everyone to throw their hands in the air screaming ‘foul’, it is actually a good step forward. Almost like giving the hesitant a nudge to take that step forward to mobilise your website. 

Put simply, if your website is not mobile friendly, your customers are going to go another site that has more ease of use. Don’t be left behind, be on the front foot. Optimize your business through mobile efficiency.