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What to Consider When Designing a Logo

Expose Media

"To make my meal in a box taste better, I decided to tweak the logo, rather than the ingredients." - Jared Kintz

Having the right logo is almost as important as having the right business. There are a few key factors to consider when designing a successful logo, which we focus on here at Expose Media.

Firstly choosing the appropriate colour is vital, each colour will convey a different meaning and stimulate certain emotional responses in people so think about how you want to portray your business, for example orange is often see as the colour of innovation and modern thinking. It also carries connotations of youth, fun, affordability and approachability.

You need to think about your target audience and what kind of logo might appeal to them, not only with colour, but design style, are you corporate or quirky? High end or budget?

A good logo should be relatively simple, but clever. It needs to be versatile for transfer across a variety of mediums, from print to web, small on business cards or large on posters so care must be taken to maintain the integrity of the logo in all formats. Think of your logo as your brand. A memorable, timeless piece of design that represents you the way you want to be seen.