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Open season on Annual Reports! The big question – Digital/Print

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It would not be unreasonable to say that there has been a big shift in the approach and production of annual reports over the last 10-15 years. Let me step back though and say that what has not wavered is the importance of bigger or ASX companies especially to ensure the presentation of their report is both corporate and professional and ensure that it oozes a confidence and success, simply by the visual. Based on the reports we do every year, the shift has been in how the shareholders are viewing the information. Historically, they would be presented with a beautifully burst bound report, rich in colour and some lovely print effects here and there. And without a doubt, still a vital product for many – gives confidence and maintains the ‘status quo’ for a lot of businesses. However for many, aside from fulfilling their requirements to the governing bodies, they are opting to go a more digital route. Creating PDFs with digital contents for simple navigation and hotlinked content where required.

What’s our take? Primarily, we love creating annual reports. Each and every client is another opportunity to creatively make them look impressive in their space each and every year and again, create that impression with shareholders. Whether you are more focused on digital or print, we are ready to help out with your needs.