Friday, February 26, 2016

LED Signage and Creative Thinking in a Retail Environment

LED signage is becoming a prominent fixture of shop fronts in a retail capacity with more and more big brands moving in that direction. It would appear though, ensuring the quality presentation of the LED is more than just installing a screen. In a lot of cases, the sign is exposed from all sides and thus requires some extra finishing features to ensure it blends into the store.

One of our clients, LED Signs (hyperlink www.led–signs.com.au), required assistance with the new General Pants Co. store at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast as part of a store install across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The brief: The rear of the LED was exposed facing the store internally and they wanted to make it more of a feature - as opposed to just having ventilation using a standard screen with formatted holes.

The solution: We utilized the graffiti image that has been used before in these stores by re-creating the artwork in a more simplistic but complex fashion as a series of dots, which were then drilled into the sheet metal prior to install. Maintaining the function of ventilation but making it a feature of the store – not an eyesore.