Friday, January 15, 2016

Are EDM’s (Electronic Digital Mail) Killing Off Printed Brochures?

We are often asked which is a better option for your business to invest in when promoting your products/services or marketing campaigns; eDM’s or printed brochures? The answer? Both. Well... within reason… Each have their pros and cons, but the key is weighing up the benefits depending on the industry you’re in. For example, a tradesman is going to have a very different solution to that of a wedding photographer. Both can be seen as an extension of your brand that compliments each other rather than being considered as an extra cost.

We hate spam as much as you do! But the fact is, approx.. 42% of B2B acknowledge that edms are their most effective way on creating new clients for their business. You’re able to connect with the masses on a personal level by customizing your emails.

It’s often a difficult task of managing what works for your business but that is the great thing about eDM’s; not only are they low cost but they also have ability to be updated and changed with the most current information as you see fit. The data from the campaigns can then be analyzed and used for future planning.

Content and a killer subject line can be the defining elements on whether or not your emails get sent to the trash or the dreaded unsubscribe button is hit. It is vital to offer subscribers value, whether it’s news, tips or promotions, your subscribers want to know how they can benefit from YOU and you need to tell them how.

Why fix it if it’s not broke, right? Printed brochures are definitely not going away anytime soon so don’t rule them out just yet. They appeal to a person’s senses by providing them with a tangible asset that they can hold, smell and feel. It’s a way to interact with a person on a level that an eDM can’t. Printed brochures have a longer shelf life in that they aren’t sent to the trash straight away.

We get it, working out the best option can be quite daunting! However, we are finding that more of our clients are exploring the different options available to them and are coming to us for guidance on which option is better for their industry. So when you’re rolling out your next campaign, keep in mind eDM’s and printed brochures as potential options to enhance your brand and maximize your business’ potential.