Once you have your brand identity established it is critical to maintaining a high standard and consistency across all of your marketing material. A good place to start is having a style guide built with ‘rules’ on how the logo should be used, color palettes, fonts, sample stationery and anything else you may need to be protected. 

Everything associated with your brand should represent it to the highest of standards so when creating these design rules, it is important to keep in mind that some leniency is required to allow for the creative process and growth while keeping a check to make sure the branding recognition or quality isn’t lost. 

Whether you create all your artwork in-house or outsource to an agency, it is necessary to come up with, and adhere to, a brand management strategy to ensure a level of consistency that reassures consumers, suppliers, and anyone else that you interact with that they can trust you to deliver a consistent and reliable experience.   


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