With technology being what it is today, you can safely assume the first contact your business will have with the public is through your website. If we want to know something - we Google it - and if we can’t get the information easily off a website and it looks like it was designed in the nineties that’s as far as we’ll go.

A common issue we hear about websites is in regards to the loading time. While it’s great to have exciting animations on your site, they need to be kept in check to avoid long loading times, which causes people to give up and leave your site. They will also leave the site if they can’t find what they need quickly and easily. Navigation needs to be clear, simple and no one wants to search through five pages to get to the one they want.

Your website is the strongest representation of your business so it should be well branded, and while being functional also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and not too text-heavy. Great images say a lot and the key is to get people to contact you for any further information. The text needs to be easy to read and your graphics and images should be high quality.

Website design has come a long way and yours should keep up with the latest technology and trends. An especially important thing nowadays is making sure it transfers across to the mobile view well, as many will be viewing it in this format. To save time and cost the website should be designed with this in mind.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your website or create a new one we can make sure all the above and more is covered, allowing your business to shine online.

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