While it may not always be practical – or cost-effective, clever packaging is definitely a winner in our eyes. Whether someone buys it or just tells their friends about ‘the super cute vitamin packs’ they saw - if your packaging stands out and is appealing, it’s great marketing for your brand.

Here are some of our favorite examples, and if you’re interested in taking your packaging or any other part of the brand to the next level give us a call to discuss the best options for you.


Notepads – ‘note’ the outfits match the paper…


Way to get rid of those sneaky sandwich stealers

 Yanko Design

As if you wouldn’t choose this over the standard gum packets

Hani Douaji / Via behance.net

A vegetarians nightmare or a clever way to make sure people know where there meat comes from?

Kei Meguro / Via coroflot.com


claudinehellmuth / Via etsy.com

No more hoping your dog doesn’t need to go while out walking…

Marine Bacot / Via marinebacot.com

Almost good enough to bring the scrunchie back

St. Stephen / Via prompt-design.com

Subscription goodness.