Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Case Study: Crosschecker

Established in 2014, Acuity was a cloud-based compliance management solution that helped government and private enterprises be a complaint in their industry, be it workplace health and safety, environmental, manufacturing, health, and more. Acuity had a lack of cohesion between their brand identity and product which was damaging their position in the market place. Their name was too obscure, difficult to spell and did not reflect what the product was. When they approached us at Expose Media, we were asked to reinvent the brand in a more cohesively way, clearly identifying what they do and make it a more visual experience.

After many hours researching and brainstorming a new strategy within the team, the name Crosschecker was born. Having a strategic and memorable name is important for any business success and the word Crosschecker is a meaningful and specific term that communicates key elements of the product to which the product “Crosschecks” information to produce outcomes and determinations. Hence, really made sense for the product.

Through conceptualizing a range of potential logos, we decided on the overlapping crosses as solid direction for the brand. The visual representation comes from an info-graphic model created which sees project requirements on one side and compliance solutions on the other, interconnected by a web of lines. The result was colorful, stimulating and innovative design and most important, simplistic and easy to replicate across a number of mediums.


From there, we were tasked with rolling out the brand across a range of collateral including stationery, presentation pages, signage and more. One of the key features of the logo we created was the ability to use imagery within the logo as a graphic that reinforced the brand, reflecting key industries that would require Crosschecker as part of its business. 

However, the biggest part of the brand roll-out was conceptualizing the new website and the brief was clear. The standard website design was not an option – innovative and eye-catching was to be the focus. As a team, we created the brand with a holistic approach and the website was a key part of that strategy – to showcase the brand’s corporate identity in a fun, immersive and user-first way. To mirror these values online, we stripped away unnecessary and infrequently-used elements to let the primary content shine. On the home page, for example, we replaced regular stock photos with clever animations and created an explainer video to add an element of storytelling capturing the attention of users and keeping them interested. Once the interest was sparked, we allowed the core information to tell the story, guiding clients through a journey.

Having a client who gave us complete creative freedom was a unique and exciting learning experience for us at Expose Media. We challenged ourselves to work within an immersive, reactive framework taking advantage of team member strengths by including them in discussions at every stage from pitch to development. A fast-paced, vertical funnel process helped us get from concept to refinement quickly. This method also allowed us to push our visual design limits and create a unique product while being mindful of Crosschecker’s corporate visual identity standards.

See for yourself: www.crosschecker.com.au