So you may (or quite likely may not) know that in January this year Chrome version 56 started marking sites with passwords or credit cards as non-secure. This is part of a plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure. What does this mean you ask…?

In simple terms, HTTP sites provide no data security for users, so Google is encouraging people to switch to HTTPS – the S standing for security.

The next stage will see all HTTP sites showing the non-secure warning from October. If you have an HTTP site, all users will see a warning similar to the below when they go to it.  This is likely to cause many users to instantly leave your website, and have a negative effect on your rankings.

The main benefit of switching to HTTPS is that it increases the security of your website. However, there are other benefits such as below.

As mentioned above, users will be deterred from your website by the warning, having a secure site with no negative warnings will instill confidence and comfort for your users. 

SEO Rankings
While currently only a small factor in Google rankings, it has been made clear that it will have a much bigger part to play in the future, security is always going to be a dominant issue when it comes to the internet.

Being able to track users is so important these days with the prominence of digital campaigns and social media; without the SSL certificate HTTPS provides this ability will be lost.

So what do you need to do? In a nutshell, you need to have an SSL certificate installed. Give us a call to see how we can fix this for you by October so your business is not impacted. We can advise you on whether your site will be affected, what your options are, and make sure your business isn’t negatively impacted by this change.  Contact us on 1300 979 536 or contact@expose.media

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