Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Reality of being a Graphic Designer

When people hear you’re a graphic designer they instantly assume you must be real ‘artsy’ and spend your days drawing. The truth is, there is a big difference between being a ‘designer’ and an ‘artist’ and those who fall into the artist category would probably find the graphic design industry very disappointing. Yes, I’m speaking to the girl who asked at an interview if she could bring her watercolours into work to use.  Our response: “Only if you’re referring to using them on your lunch break?”

The reality is, our days are filled with deadlines, perfectionism, and the closest we get to drawing is tracing logos and graphics that have been supplied in the wrong format. But while you don’t have to be ‘arty’, you do need to be creative, and that’s a skill we use no matter what the brief requires.  On a daily basis we battle with each other, our clients and ourselves to achieve a great design. Check out the below for an insight into our lives as graphic designers…

1. Choosing colours. Now it may seem simple to some when it comes to choosing between red or blue, but the question for a designer is which red colour exactly. Pantone Warm Red or Pantone Red? And yes, there is a difference – and it will make or break our design!!!!

2. You know those shape sorting blocks in primary school that made you super frustrated if you couldn’t fit it in? Welcome to the grown-up design version. Can I fit that panoramic image into the square shape without cutting anything off? I don’t know, can I take a nap first and then let you know?

3. Should I use Raleway Light or Raleway Extra Light for the body text? Only a graphic designer appreciates the beauty a simple, light font can bring to the table. However, there are landmines to avoid. If you go too light it may not print well, your colour choice will be limited and the web version may appear lighter than what you see on your artboard….DECISIONS DECISIONS.

4. Forget balance beams and tightrope walkers, Graphic Designers are the ultimate balance experts. Every client is as important as the next, which is only a problem when several of them have an urgent job that they need yesterday. Sometimes it’s a four-hour job but they need it in two and don’t forget it has to be mind-blowing! This actually happens all the time; luckily we are amazing, our organisation and productivity skills are superb, we love our clients and heck yes, we always manage to pull it off. 

5. The meticulous art of spacing and alignment. This is literally EVERYTHING to a graphic designer. The slightest millimetre difference in spacing between three objects or a line of text not lining up exactly with the next one is enough to send us screaming and crying from the room. We have rulers in our eyes and when something’s off, it physically hurts us to look at it. 

6. Oh yeah sure, there’s a magic button in Photoshop that will remove the reflection in the window without interfering with the background. Jokes! Do you know what Graphic Designer’s write on their Christmas wish lists and close their eyes and think about when they blow out the candles? One day these non-existent tools and Photoshop buttons will soon be created.

In saying all that, we love what we do and thrive on the challenges of tight deadlines, making the most boring document into a work of art and trying to get in enough coffee while fitting two days of work into one. Here at Expose, we put everything we’ve got into every job and have fun doing it. Give us a call on 1300 979 536 about all things design, and let us give your projects life.