Monday, February 13, 2017

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends you’ll see in 2017

To continue with the same intensity of 2016 you need to be thinking about the digital marketing trends that will be dominating the scene in 2017 and prepare yourself accordingly. Here are a few areas we’ve identified as trend predictions for 2017.

1. Live Video Sharing
Live video has now become the internet’s shiny new toy. The immediate availability of information, and ease with how people can access it has completely shaped the way consumers engage with brands, make purchase decisions and connect online. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have all released live video capabilities as a way of bringing valuable content to their consumers instantly. Rather than seeing a recorded event, they want to experience something vicariously and immediately. This digital marketing tactic allows the user to feel “in the moment” and live videos gives them that perspective.

Many of these networks are promoting their live video quite heavily and it’s something that will stand out in the saturated world of content. In 2017 even small businesses need to be thinking about live feedback and always adding layers of engagement to the experience.

It’s important to learn marketing tactics and strategies from the brands who are doing it right. We encourage you to give two shining examples BuzzFeed and BBC Earth a follow on Instagram if you’re in need of some inspiration. 

2. Customer Experience
The age of the customer is here; it is the centre of everything. Making sense of the consumer, product and advertising data to create a true end-to-end understanding of the market will be the biggest game-changer.

Today’s digital landscape is filled with people communicating across various devices, whether that’s mobile, desktop, wearables or even car dashboards. When new products enter the market people want to be able to use it. Increased expectations by the consumer have seen a surge in the importance of putting the experience at the centre of everything brands do.

Marketers need to create better targeted, more relevant and better-optimised communications to generate better consumer engagement. The connected customer will continue to shape the marketer’s priorities in 2017.

3. Immersive marketing
The success of content marketing is reliant on market leaders utilising developments in technology to create phenomenon’s which help drive new ways of audience engagement. Facebook and YouTube have introduced the 360-degree video, and some brands have already started trialling the system in the hope of creating a more stimulating and novel experience.

The results are pretty great, we encourage you to take a second and look at this 360-degree promo for Star Wars: Rogue One.

Or this awesome encounter with a Hammerhead Shark from National Geographic.

Marketers need to be pushing the boundaries and jump on that evolving technology train because 2017 will be full of marketing experiments like this and marketers can’t afford to not be in the know. So take a risk and keep experimenting, because what works today might not work tomorrow, and what worked yesterday may work again.