facebookPixel Expose Media : Don’t Touch Facebook's Blue Boosted Post Button!

Don’t Touch Facebook's Blue Boosted Post Button!

Expose Media

You could be wasting money!

I know, boosting posts is so easy, the button is right there and in two clicks you’re done but what if I were to tell you that boosting content straight off your newsfeed is not the most effective way to reach your audience. 

Facebook optimises your campaigns based on the objective you pick. If you go with the traffic objective, Facebook will show your ad to users who are most likely going to click through to your website or landing page. If it’s a conversion ad, Facebook will analyse people who have previously converted and try to reach a similar audience.

Boosted posts are the most basic form of advertising you can do on Facebook and if you take the easy route and boost a post straight from your newsfeed, Facebook will always, always optimise for more post engagement – more likes, comments, shares etc. If your goal is to achieve engagement and you’re short on time then go for it, however, if you’re looking for a customised marketing campaign, you should invest in Facebook Ads or try boosting your posts through Facebook Ads Manager.

Confused yet? Take a look at our reference guide below. But keep in mind before you choose one which is right for you it’s important to have a clear campaign objective in mind as well as know who you want to target and where you want your ads to show up.

In our opinion, Facebook ads are the way-to-go as they offer a more comprehensive method to deliver your ad to the right customer, at the right time and for the right price. There is also an objective no matter your goal, so whether you’re after clicks to a website, brand awareness, lead generation, app installs, website conversions or videos views you can trust that your ad will be shown to an audience most likely to respond.

Another awesome feature to using Facebook ads over boosted posts is the ability to add a native call to action button such as ‘learn more’, ‘shop now’ and ‘Sign Up’ just to name a few. Below are some examples of the different ad placements which are available to you when you boost a post through Ads Manager and Facebook Ads.


As you can see choosing the right objective or ad type isn’t as easy as it seems. Our biggest tip is to work backwards, choose your objective based on the final results you're after. Try to understand Facebook's algorithm and work with it, don’t try to fool it because you just won’t win.

What do you think? Have we convinced you to start testing out Facebook ads instead of boosting your posts directly off your newsfeed? Let us know in the comments below!