You learned about the best lead-gen techniques, what hook to use and if quantity or quality is better in our Lead Gen 101 | Part 1 blog, and started to run some ads. You've managed to generate some leads, but how do you convert them? We've put together a few of our top tips to help you turn them into sales. 

Lead Nurturing & Automation

Lead Nurturing is the process of educating and building trust with the leads in order to make the final sell much easier. Now, this can be a time-consuming task and depending on the number of leads you’re bringing in, it could be downright impossible to get to every single one.

This is where automation saves the day! It can be as simple as introducing an automatic welcome email to leads all; the way through to complex messenger bots programmed to provide bespoke customer experiences.

Here are two simple ways to get started automating your lead nurturing process today:

#1 - Implement a 3 step email sequence

          1. Welcome email
Introduce yourself or your brand and let the lead know that you’ll be contacting them soon

          2. Follow-up education email 
Let the lead know about the product or service they were interested in and exactly why they need it in their life.

        3. Hard sell email
This is where you need to create a sense of urgency and explain to the lead that this could be their last chance to get your product/service at this special price. 
This is the most basic lead nurturing sequence but it can be tweaked and tailored to your brand.

#2 -  Text before you call!

Now, if your sales process involves a phone call this tip is extremely vital. By setting up an automatic text message to leads telling them to save your number, you will see an immediate increase in the number of people who pick up the phone. People are often wary of answering unidentified numbers and this can slow down your sales process significantly.

Sales Process

You can have the ultimate lead-generation funnel with hot leads coming in left, right and centre but without a solid sales process, you’re wasting both time and money!

Take the time to perfect your sales process before you look to invest heavily in lead generation. Here are a couple of tips to help get your process right:

  • Create sales call scripts and ensure your team are ready to respond to a variety of responses
  • Test different emails in your automation sequences to what resonates best with your audience
  • Try different platforms (SMS, Calls, Email, Facebook Messenger Bot) to connect with your leads

Now, if you’re ready to see what happens when you work with experts in the lead generation industry, book in for your free strategy call today!

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