We are proud to announce that Expose Media is now recognized as a Preferred Partner under the Facebook PRO Partner Program! In a rapidly growing industry, it’s exciting to be recognized in the top 5% of marketing agencies across Australia.

What does this mean, we hear you asking? Basically, we get access to a whole lot of extra Facebook benefits to help us drive our client success that other agencies don’t have! This includes increased Facebook support for our client accounts, EXCLUSIVE access to advanced tools, beta programs and agency-specific resources as well as a new level of Facebook education through in-person training & certification workshops, virtual workshops and online courses.

Our Digital team even attended the first Australian Facebook Pro Expo in Sydney where they learned all about the benefits of the new beta program for Facebook experts (aka us!). Taking part in workshops and 1-on-1 consultations, we have so much new knowledge and tools to help you grow your business.

Two of our favorite workshops for the Expo included a hands-on creative workshop, where we explored the role creativity plays when advertising on Facebook family apps, the importance of building mobile-first creative and practiced building creatives for platforms using just our phones. The second including learning from the best at Solutions Engineering and being educated in how the technology works behind the scenes and how important it is to utilize data signals to power Facebook’s optimization and reporting systems.

Subscription goodness.