Let’s start from the top and give you an exclusive, one-off introduction to the new dancing celebrity that will be shaking his bottom for a charitable dollar! Taking part in the 2018 Dancing CEOs charity gala is Expose Media’s very own Director, Hugh Rees.

Now in its fifth year, Dancing CEOs is Brisbane’s most talked about corporate charity and fundraising event. In a battle of choreographed performances, 12 leading CEOs will perform at the Brisbane City Hall on Friday, May 18, 2018, in front of 900 guests to support the Women’s Legal Service. In the past years, Dancing CEO’s 2017 raised a whopping $260,000 for the prevention of domestic violence!

Women’s Legal Service is a specialist community legal center that provides free legal and social work services to Queensland women. Developed and operated by women for women since 1984, Women’s Legal Service assists women in the areas of family law, child support, domestic violence, child protection, and community legal education. In the last year, they provided help to over 11,000 Queensland women!

Always being involved in charities since a young age, our CEO has always tried to help out the less fortunate and marginalized voices in society. Expose Media has been a major supporter of Juiced TV for the past 3 years and the Australian charity, Act for Kids. With domestic violence being a huge issue in Australia and the world; Women’s Legal Aid Service now needs all the support that they can get!

On behalf of Expose Media, Hugh will be taking the plunge and shocking the audience, shocking his staff and shock himself on stage. Without opening the curtain all the way, Hugh’s inspiration for his dance number is the 1990’s retro London era...

We’d love for you to offer your support by donating to the official Dancing CEOs everyday hero page here. To join the party, come and make a ruckus with us at our charity trivia nights! To check out the details for all our upcoming fundraising events and social outings, visit the official Hugh Rees website and Facebook page.

And remember, no one leaves Hugh in a corner.

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