It’s finally happened: the robots have taken over. Well, they’ve taken over Facebook at least.

We are talking about Facebook Messenger chatbots. If 2017 was the year that chatbots started gaining attraction, then 2018 will see them go mainstream. There are already well over 200,000 chatbots on Facebook’s Messenger platform! With the recent release of Messenger’s Discover feature, this number will grow exponentially as brands move to where their customers are hanging out. This new feature gives users the option to connect with brands that Facebook thinks they will like. 

The main purpose of a chatbot for businesses on Facebook is to create a more personalized, one-to-one conversation with their customers without having to employ hundreds of social media managers. Chatbots give brands the option to map out pre-defined customer journeys whilst also collecting valuable data from users.

The actual purpose of the conversation will be highly dependent on the business’ goals. Whilst brands like The Guardian use their chatbot to provide a quick way for readers to stay updated and informed on the latest news, Katy Perry’s chatbot gives you the option to browse videos, gifs and images. If you choose to share your location in the conversation, Katy Perry’s bot also promises to update you whenever she is playing at a venue in your town.

Most chatbots use pre-defined answer buttons to ensure a smooth process for the user. This also gives brands the opportunity to guide the conversation and direct users in an exciting and engaging way. 

Our Advice
Whether you’re building your first bot from the code up or using one of the many Messenger Bot services available, our advice is to keep it simple! Think of a service or a product that your business does well and focus your Messenger bot around it. For eCommerce, it might be showcasing your latest product or maybe offering a discount code to engaged customers. For service-based brands, you could use your bot to provide easy answers to common questions that customers might have.

The key is to make the customer experience as smooth as possible. But remember, a messenger bot is not something to just set & forget. Although users will be communicating with the bot, it’s always necessary to monitor these conversations as bots can’t answer all the questions your customers might have.

What’s next? 
2018 will see more and more brands start using Messenger Bots to connect with their customers. If your brand isn’t using Facebook advertising or Messenger Bots effectively, you might get left behind!

We can help get you on the right track. Book in your free strategy call to discuss how Messenger Bots can help your business connect. 

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