Lead generation (or Customer Acquisition) is vital for most businesses as without new customers it can be very hard to maintain or grow. At Expose Media, we specialize in lead generation across a wide variety of industries.

To help you out, we thought we would answer some common questions about lead generation as well break down a few of the key factors for a successful campaign.

Whats The Best Lead Gen Technique?

There are so many different lead generation techniques out there, but which one is the best?

Let us introduce to you our 3 favorite lead gen techniques that we utilize for both ourselves and our clients:

  • Tripwires

Tripwire marketing is a technique that works by drawing leads in with a relatively cheap offer and then upselling them while they’re in the funnel. This is an excellent way to utilize educational content like eBooks or Webinars. This works two-fold as, if you’re using good content, you will establish yourself as an expert in the field whilst also gathering valuable lead data.

  • Gamification

Gamification is a lead generation technique that, as the name suggests, focuses on creating a game for the potential lead. By creating a fun and engaging experience for the user, you are building brand trust whilst easing the lead into your sales funnel.

  • Referral

Referrals Lead generation is one of the most effective forms of lead generation as Word Of Mouth is highly trusted. By utilizing and rewarding your already existing customers/leads you can generate highly valuable leads at a low cost.

Facebook Forms Vs. Landing Pages?

There is a constant debate among digital marketers about whether Facebook Lead Forms or Landing Pages are more effective at generating leads. Here at Expose Media we’ve seen great success with both tools but to answer the question; it all depends on education…

If your brand is quite green or your product/service is expensive we’ve found that landing pages work really well in educating potential leads. You can move leads through a sales funnel with multiple landing pages before asking for that final, hard sell.

On the other hand, if you’re promoting an already established brand or your offer/hook is relatively simple for the consumer, Facebook’s Lead Forms provide a much smoother experience. Plus they have the added bonus of auto-filling information.

What Hook Should I Use?

The Hook or offer is arguably the most vital part of any lead generation campaign, whether you’re offering a massive discount, a free download or a value-add.

The key to determining what hook is right for your campaign depends on the expected return from your leads. If you’re searching for leads for your $2000 course, you can afford to offer a substantial hook to help entice leads into your sales funnel. However, when hunting for leads for a much cheaper product/service you might look to use a free download or free trial to minimize any barriers that may arise.

Quantity or Quality?

Your hook, technique & the platform/s you utilize will all have a direct result on the quality of the leads you generate. Obviously the higher the quality, the better the lead, but it is often much harder and more expensive to find these people.

To determine which approach is better for you, you should again take into account the return you’re expecting to see from these leads as well as how automatic your sales process is. With a heavily automated lead nurturing and sales process you can look for a higher quantity of leads and let your process qualify them. In comparison, you’re going to want to pre-qualify your leads if your sales process is a more hands-on experience.

Want to know what to do after a lead become a lead? Keep an eye out for our Lead Gen 101: Everything You Need To Know | Part 2. 

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