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Dollar Shave Club: Why it is important to keep evolving your online marketing strategy

Tom Hodge

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have seen and likely giggled at one of the Dollar Shave Club’s viral videos.

The original ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’ video was made for just $4,500 and generated 12,000 new customers in the first 48 hours which rapidly grew into 333,000 customers by 2013.This just proves that even with a little budget (and a lot of creativity) you can still create razor sharp viral content! Video especially is a great way to quickly grab and hold consumer attention and can be more likely to develop an emotional connection with your audience leading to a higher likelihood of conversion.

However, there is no point creating amazing content if it misses the mark with your intended audience.  This is another reason why DSC has seen such rapid growth within the Millennial market who are looking for simple personal grooming products that basically replenish themselves thanks to the time-saving subscription model.

The added value of convenience at a low cost is something that has clearly resonated with their target audience. This no-frills approach is mirrored in their social media accounts where they use short, witty copy accompanied by basic yet eye-catching creative.


While this continues to work for DSC to a certain extent, company sales have plateaued and they are still relying heavily on the SAME single blade razor video (which contradicts their new multi-blade razor) they used when they launched.

There is always the possibility that Dollar Shave Club isn’t as agile as it once was after the take-over by juggernaut Unilever in 2016. It could also be that the industry is now more ‘cut-throat’ with competitors such as Harry’s entering the fray. It could also point to an all too common scenario whereby brands start to fatigue with consumers and they are unable to continue servicing existing customers or attracting new customers.

As a brand matures it is important that their digital marketing strategy evolves with it and Dollar Shave Club is no different. With various online platforms now available to brands it is important to stay up to date with the latest ways to connect with consumers.

A great place to start is increasing the organic reach on your Social Media pages by posting engaging content.  YouTube seems to be DSC platform of choice for product launches, reviews and demonstrations from both themselves and influencers.  However, their Facebook and Instagram pages do not attract the same level of engagement which potentially limits the effectiveness of their paid advertising campaigns on those platforms. This is especially ‘concerning/interesting’ because, according to Marketing Week, the top 3 social media platforms that consumers prefer to purchase from are Facebook (19%), Twitter (10%) and Instagram (9%) respectively (Marketing Week).

A great way for DSC to reinvigorate their Facebook and Instagram would be to embrace live videos from behind the scenes, engage micro influencers (who are influencers that have less than 100k followers) and share more user generated content from both men AND women. The fact that all of DSC content is male orientated is also strange because unless I’ve missed something, most women still use razors. Right?  While DSC might have decided that this isn’t a viable market it seems they haven’t even bothered to try. With their current male target market waning it might be time to start considering a feminine touch to turn around their current fortunes.

Obviously, DSC have had great success so far with their current online strategy but it’s time for a fresh approach to make their ‘Blades F***ing Great’ Again!

Having gone through both the purchasing process on the DSC website and engaged with their social media accounts, I have started to receive retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. Out of curiosity, I asked the women in the office if they had received any ads from DSC since we looked at their website and social media accounts at the same time - they hadn’t received any retargeting ads!  

Not only have they split their potential audience in half - the ad that they were using (see below) was from July 2017! 

The ad itself isn’t particularly engaging and with advances in the types of ads (carousel, canvas & product catalogue etc) that are available in Facebook, it is really surprising that they haven’t refreshed the ad creative.

I don’t know about you but I tire quickly of seeing a bland single image ad repetitively and it seems I’m not the only one considering their recent decline in sales.

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