Being a digital agency, we are all about the learning curve. Building our knowledge base, striving to be market leaders and most importantly, ensuring we serve our clients effectively. Learning never stops and in the digital world, strategies are constantly changing around what and how you can advertise for your clients to improve their ROI.

For this reason, our Digital and Creative Directors voyaged to Maui for a high-level Digital Accelerator conference a few weeks ago, to take our offerings at Expose Media to the next level. The speakers included high-level business leaders and digital agency owners including Jason Swenk, John Hall, Tony Delmarcado, Curt Maly, Trevor Chapman and more. It was truly a masterclass in many topics and inspiring to say the least. With everything we learned, we thought we would share a few key takeaways with you, which apply to most businesses in one way or another.

Sales is not selling, it is a relationship
If you go into a sales call or meeting with the sole intention of making money and serving your budget, you instantly start on the wrong foot. If you approach a sale as serving someone, building a relationship, listening more and speaking less, you are a lot closer to a successful outcome as you build trust ~ Stan Way, Peak Sales Results, Alabama, USA

Instant Video Views/Audiences
Once a client is onboarded, whether setting up a campaign or not, the first thing you should do is run video ads (no matter if professional or filmed in your office). This is content and with content comes content views. Why is this important? It allows you to build an audience in preparation for the full campaign and from this you can build a lookalike audience based on these views. A very successful tip for operations. ~ Curt Maly, Black Box Social Media, Austin Texas USA

One of the biggest mistakes we make as marketers is spending too much time pushing on consumers the features and benefits of why they MUST buy our products! Consumers buy into what makes their life better, not ours. We need to better understand the logic of our ads and how customers react, creating a connection with the customer. ‘Why do they want to know more’, ‘how does it improve their life’. Convince them that what we are selling is something they really need. ~ Shelby Rimmereid Larson, Content Divas

Organising your business
Stop writing relentless lists around tasks you need to do but rather pick your top five things and work on those. Secondly, and one of our favourite quotes of the conference, “don’t tolerate things you don’t want to do – focus on what makes you happy and drives your business forward”  ~ Trevor Chapman, World’s Leading Digital Strategist

Messenger Bots will become more and more common in digital marketing. The messaging is limitless and can build a warmer audience and supply helpful information before you even take a phone call. Not only in eCommerce but in the Services industry and beyond. ~ Rutger Thole, Bluebrand and Co.

And finally a great slogan from Cat Howell to summarise the digital space

You want to drive passengers to jump on your bus

We can do that… but you don’t have a bus

So… let us build you the bus!

Subscription goodness.