Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Day in the Life of an Expose Intern

First thing’s first - there’s no typical day as an Expose Media Intern.

Whether you’re interested in writing, design, statistics and data analysis, or just really want to know how Facebook always seems to know what you’ve been looking at online (slightly creepy but also fascinating), an internship at Expose Media will give you the opportunity to explore all of these facets and many, many more. One of the first things which is abundantly clear is that you’re not in the classroom anymore. No matter how many lectures you went to or tutorials you took scrupulous notes in, the real thing is different. It’s WAY better. The number of things you learn every day will blow you away (and you’ll realize how much you didn’t know!).

As an intern at Expose Media, there’s no shortage of help, guidance and advice on the table. You’re surrounded with passionate and like-minded individuals who are eager to pass on their knowledge and expertise to help you with any questions or obstacles you come across. Which is a really good thing because you’re DEFINITELY going to have questions. There is no way an intern who hasn’t worked in the industry yet knows what all those acronyms mean (CRM, SEO, LLA, ROAS, CPP, SPA, CBO, DC… the list gets bigger every day).  

The office is a hub of creativity, laughter and determination to put in 110%. It’s clear that everyone wants to do their best every day and quite frankly, it’s contagious. This is an office where trial and error and experimentation are encouraged because no two clients are the same and it certainly isn’t a ‘copy and paste’ job. You’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm, test out any and all of your ideas and start to learn what works. The client base is exciting and extensive and includes fashion brands, online magazines, skincare ranges, gym franchises, restaurants, health products, and - my personal favorite - a monthly dog sock subscription company.

As an intern at Expose you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on, contribute to, and see how the magic works from the get-go.

 You will build up your portfolio, develop and refine your skills in any and all aspects of the digital marketing process that you choose to sink your teeth into. If you want to develop your copywriting skills, you’ll have a handful of clients to choose from, research, undergo competitor analysis and have a go at creating effective copy for.

If you have ambitions of being a writer you’ll have the opportunity to write features, lifestyle pieces, event listings (all with your own by-line!) and learn the logistics of the back end of an online magazine publication – My City Life. If you’re a numbers person and ratios and statistics are your thing, you’re in luck. You have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Facebook Business Manager, which you will thank yourself for later as it’s industry standard and the sooner you wrap your head around it the easier life in marketing will be.

Finally, and potentially one of the most important things you’ll see in action is the importance of effective communication with clients and working towards a common goal to see a mutually beneficial outcome. These are just a few of the MANY skills you’ll be able to work on in your time at Expose.

The atmosphere in the office is one of positivity and synergy. No one person is working with the weight of everything on their shoulders - tasks are delegated and collaboratively worked on to see the best outcome possible. As an intern, you’re able to sit in on regular team meetings in which each client is discussed and the team brainstorms how to continue improving results and potential ideas moving forward. These meetings are an opportunity for interns to put their hands up and have a go at something, voice their opinions and be given tasks by others to help contribute to the team.

At the end of each day you have at Expose Media, you’ll have a list of real things you completed at an industry standard.

You’ll receive constructive feedback on your work, tweak your techniques, develop your skills and then see it all come to life in a professional capacity. Whether that be throughout the next few weeks on a client’s Instagram, when you’re scrolling through Facebook and copy which you wrote pops up, when client reports are sent out or in so many other potential formats. 

As an Expose intern, you’ll gain a solid foundational level of knowledge on every aspect of the digital marketing process and have the opportunity to thoroughly progress any specific interests you have. It is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a fun team who work hard, achieve great results and continuously develop their skills.