Monday, December 14, 2020

Why Pinterest is the next BIG THING

From planning your wedding to creating a board of your favorite cocktails or sunset pics, Pinterest is becoming more and more popular in the content game and looks like it’s here to stay. 

To break it down:

  • 250 million people each month are using Pinterest (80% of that number are from the USA)
  • Almost 60% of millennials say that they have discovered a product through Pinterest
  • 87.2 million is the number of users expected by 2022

As a business owner, one of the worst mistakes you could make is underestimating the selling power platforms like Pinterest have. What if we told you that you could see one of your products go viral in a matter of days, simply by posting it to your board, linking to your website and driving ads to it. Hopefully you would say, AMAZING, because if used correctly, you could be bringing in sales till the cows come home. 

Now don’t get us wrong, there is an art to it. Simply posting images of your product will not cut the mustard. To achieve results you need to incorporate images that relate to your brand, provide inspiration and maintain a consistent color theme. Pinterest is a visual experience, users want to see a beautifully presented board and feel something. So use this to your advantage, take product shots that inspire your audience or evoke a certain emotion or memory in them. Combining epic visuals with a marketing strategy means your brand has all the tools for success. 

If we haven't sold you yet, here are 5 more reasons:

  • From browser to buyer

Traffic that doesn’t have to leave a platform to convert, is traffic we like. Having a direct link to the website means that even visitors and traffic that isn’t necessarily being targeted, is still going to engage and convert and that’s a WIN. 

  • Pins mean power

With every image, is a link, and with every link comes traffic. However, this does depend on your content, Pinterest may be the Superman of socials but you still need to impress visitors, don’t let creative be your kryptonite. 

  • Button pushers unit

With Pinterest exposure for your brand has never been easier. Considering the sheer amount of boards that exist, think about all the images you could have out there that link back to your website. And the best part? People share them FOR you, without you even having to ask! EPIC!

  • Integrations are life

Being able to share content between platforms automatically means more consistency and wider spread coverage for your brand. With this being said, it is still very important to have a multi platform strategy in place to ensure you’re making effective use of your marketing budget. 

  • Give the people what they want

The best way to sell anything is to show your audience what they want. On Pinterest this is as simple as scrolling your followers posts and seeing what they engage with. Then, when they change their focus, you can swing yours. What they want, you can provide. 

Testing a new platform can be a bit daunting, but when it comes to Pinterest, it’s SO worth it. There are so many options when it comes to creative, copy and audience. This means you have the complete arsenal to hit your targets and smash your goals. To find out how Pinterest can take your brand to the next level call 1300 979 536 and book a session with us today.