Thursday, January 16, 2020

Website Vs Landing Page Whats The Difference And Why Do You Need Both?

To the untrained eye, a landing page and a website could look like very similar things. They both live on the internet at a www and help to promote your business. However, that is where the similarities stop and some fundamental differences take over and that begs the question…. 

What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

Landing pages are a different tool than pages on a website. They’re typically not for general use, and often don’t look like a standard web page. They can, however, be hosted on the same domain as your website. Landing pages are purpose-built, standalone pages often used to accommodate traffic, usually for a specific marketing campaign goal.

Landing pages are also sometimes referred to as ‘squeeze pages’, as there is usually only one way in and one way out. Paid media (Facebook, Instagram or Google) is the most common way of bringing visitors in, and the way out is giving your email and phone, often enticing the visitor with a “gift or reward” for their information/participation. They serve a specific marketing function and are usually a direct step of your marketing funnel where you get a bit more buy-in from your clients than you would typically. 

Unlike a website, landing pages are not meant to link in or out of anywhere else on your site. They are a standalone page where prospects ‘land’ and then perform the desired function. They are by design NOT meant to rank in Google organically as doing so could skew marketing metrics and it would potentially mean that you lose the effectiveness of your paid advertising. A landing page can be used to determine the overall effectiveness of your paid traffic strategy as they are easy to track and the intent of the client on the page is clear. It’s often a pretty short decision tree - did they fill in the form; yes or no? If yes, there is often a follow-up step that will occur, and if not then there is a different process that takes place to keep non-converters engaged.

So why have a website?

Websites are AWESOME. They can be simple, one page, or a massive amount of pages. They serve as a way for you to advertise your business on the internet. They are often referred to as online business cards.  

Websites are robust and generally full of information about all the aspects of your business. This is where you showcase your current work, employees, the suppliers you work with, other businesses who you partner with, and more. It serves as a content-rich platform that YOU OWN to be able to pull in clients. You can use a website to educate your customers and give them information about your products and it also means that your business is readily searchable in Google and other search engines.    

How are landing pages different in the wilds of the internet? Let’s say you see an ad for a gym on Facebook and you’re not in the market for a new gym. The chances are you simply scroll on by. No harm no foul. 

If however your curiosity is piqued by the offer and you click on the ad, you will be taken directly to the designated landing page. Hitting a landing page shows that you have some intent to take up the offer, and as such, the next step needs to be obvious. There should be a nice clear form with copy that is reiterating the offer and creative that the visitor saw in the ad, and direct them to fill in the form. Once they complete the intended form filling out, they should have a clear idea of what to expect next from the business. 

However, a website is designed for your customer to browse. They want to find out more about you, if we use the example of a gym again, they want to know what classes you run, when you run them, who your trainers are, where your gym is located, what hours it’s open. That is the kind of information that you have on a website. 

The super cool part is - BOTH a website and landing pages can live within the same URL www.example.com might be your website main address and you can have a page that is www.example.com/landingpage one can be the place you’re sending your warm traffic to collect leads and one can be the place that you can inform people about your business. 

Even better, Expose Media can build both for you! A supercharged landing pages designed to drive warm leads to your business AND an awesome functional website that promotes your product or services.