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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

World Record? Don't Mind If We Do

World Record? Don't Mind If We Do

Here at Expose, we’re not just eCommerce ninjas. We also have a skilled Lead Gen team who recently cracked a personal best and world record for one of our health and fitness clients!

The Brief

Get us LEADS! These guys like the KISS method. Keep it simple. They just wanted a steady stream of hungry customers ready to sign up at their gym before it opened and true to form, we got them leads (and lots of them). 

We ended their pre-launch campaign with a total of 733 leads captured via a Facebook Messenger bot and 1,266 leads via our custom-built landing page. We spent just over $12k across the entire campaign which means that leads came in around $7.26, which is an epic result. Have we mentioned that we also did this within a global pandemic!? 

So, what was the Expose difference?

The key was to start early and change often. We started the expression of interest phase well before the opening was scheduled. The key here was capturing leads via Messenger to let people know when the gold rate (their top offer) was about to drop. We knew from conversations with our client that the demo of the area was pretty tech-savvy (mostly millennials), so using Messenger meant they were kept on the platform and we were able to re-engage leads when the gold rate dropped. We then crafted a CRM journey (which was a combo of email and SMS’s), that helped keep the leads warm and engaged. 

Once the gold rate was able to go live, we started hitting the area and its surroundings with launch ads. We used long-form video, boomerangs, and stills, to find combos that worked. The gym was being built, which meant that we were planning to phase the Gold, Silver, and Bronze memberships out as different parts of the gym were completed. This however was NOT how it was going to go. 

Thanks to COVID-19 the entire gym industry was shut down. Many competitors decided to stop ads, it was an uncertain time and everyone knew it. As we were in pre-launch we saw this as an opportunity to get in front of more people than ever before, so we doubled down and bumped up spend, and it paid off. We saw as many leads come in over the COVID-19 lockdown period as we had in the previous 12 weeks. The client decided to extend their best offer (Gold membership) all the way through lockdown and it meant that people had something to look forward to post lockdown.

We finished the pre-launch campaign strong with the gym converting 1,927 new (paying) members. This was a world record for their franchise and world record #2 for Expose!

The feedback from our client was great, saying it was the easiest prelaunch they had been involved with. All of their managers and customer service staff were excited to have a list of fresh leads engaged and ready to join and it made the management of COVID-19, far easier for their team. 


Start early & follow up often - Initially, our client was reluctant to start collecting leads too early. We crafted a custom CRM journey that meant leads that we gathered at the start of the campaign were nurtured and ready to join as soon as they were called.

Be ready to pivot - No one could have predicted COVID-19. We used this time to double down on getting leads. 

Have a solid follow up system - Because we were getting leads hand over fist for the client, the customer service team were able to focus on what they did best, converting the leads to members.