Tuesday, May 12, 2020

'Ride the Wave' | BTA Recap Ep 1

The main theme of this week was how businesses have been shifting with the current environment and pivoting their marketing to make the most of the current situation and ‘ride the wave’. 

In the world of Facebook, one of our clients banded together with complementary brands to bring in traffic and share the love between small Aussie businesses. This change in strategy saw them skyrocket to their biggest month in Facebook revenue so far. Changing strategy based on the current climate is important to stay relevant and at the forefront of the customer’s minds.

Repositioning is also a tactic that our clients have been trialing, with a change in copy and altering the way their products were marketed. This saw one client double their spend and revenue, to have their CPA drop from $20 to $8 in the space of a month proving that when you make the most of a situation, it can pay off.

Another aspect that has been interesting to follow is the worldwide ripple effect that our eCommerce clients are facing. Understanding the effects on the countries they deal with depending on political enforcements and consumer buying behavior. Initially, advertisers were pulling out of hard-hit COVID-19 areas, but with a change in messaging and promotion of products relevant to the areas, this turned sales around. Particularly in the USA, we have been leveraging the AfterPay movement to secure payments and promote the brand. After working with consumer behaviors and seeing this pattern spike, we have been able to maintain this market and keep a steady revenue for our client.

International shipping was an iffy topic, considering whether it could stop or slow trade dramatically, but with businesses implementing the ‘free shipping’ method, they are doing extremely well. One client used this, with a standard $75 being made free and managed to double their sales while maintaining repeat customers. Having returned their free shipping to free after spending $50, they analyzed the data and found they are still producing high sales numbers and aren’t showing signs of slowing.

Google was also expected to slow, but with persistence and analytics, clients are doing very well, stronger than ever almost. The current tactic is to spend hard where the traffic is and react to the data, rather than following the way of the world and what is being said in the media, trusting what the data is producing will be a saving grace. 

Lead gen is also switching gears for us, with our gym clients building online programs and offering current members deals on these guides to secure them. This, in turn, encourages new members to sign up and creates a database for when they re-open.