Thursday, August 26, 2021

Pinterest's New Shopping Integrations: What You Need to Know

After recent trials in the UK and US, Pinterest has announced that it is introducing new in-platform shopping features including a Shopping List, Shopping Tab and Lens Camera Search. These features have followed a boom in social commerce and a call for Pinterest to turn pins into purchases. Long positioned as a platform for inspiration in the early stages of a user's purchase decision, statistics have shown that people who use Pinterest out-spend non-pinners by twice as much and spend 40% more. Along with Pinterest’s new in-depth data reporting and their vision to make it possible to buy anything you see on the platform, it is certainly an opportunity brands should be taking advantage of. So what are these new integrations and how can you leverage them for your business, keep reading to find out! 


The Shopping List

Rolled out last month, the Shopping List feature automatically saves all of the users pins in one place so that pinners won’t have to hunt through all of their boards and saved pins to find the product they’re after. In the space, users will be able to compare prices, reviews and shipping costs, making it the ultimate tool for organisation and decision making. Pinterest will also send out notifications when the items people have saved drop in price, further encouraging a purchase. Pinterest says that they have “connected the top of the funnel to the middle funnel and now want to help pinners compare and evaluate the products they’ve discovered”.  


The Shopping Tab

The shopping tab is not something we haven’t seen before. Similar to the likes of Instagram Shop and Facebook Marketplace, the shopping tab will be a sort of marketplace where consumers will be able to shop their favourite pins by price and brand. When users search Pinterest for ideas like “coastal decor” or “winter outfits”, they will find a shop tab with 100% shoppable results. Pinners will then be taken to retailers' sites to purchase, but a tab will remain that will allow users to save the products to their Pinterest board. 


Camera Lens Shopping

The latest innovation from Pinterest is the Lens Camera Shopping integration. Connecting the real world with online shopping, Lens Camera Shopping allows pinners browsing from outside the platform to take a photo and search for a similar product in the app. From decor to fashion inspiration, consumers will be able to take a photo of something that inspires them in the real world and run a visual search for similar shoppable products on Pinterest. 


These integrations provide a seamless and natural shopping experience for users that rely on Pinterest for inspiration. Consumers already use Pinterest to find inspiration and then actively use the platform to consider what to do or buy to bring these ideas to life. Now it has been made easier with tools that allow users to shop products from pins, boards, their searches and even through a photo they can snap through the platform. With Pinterest’s improved in-depth data reporting and vision for eCommerce innovation, it is clear that advertising on Pinterest is proving to be a worthwhile opportunity for brands. 


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