Monday, June 14, 2021

Q&A with our new Google Ads Specialist, Sam Wynne!

May was a busy month at Expose and we were so excited to welcome a brand new Google Ads Specialist to the team! Meet Sam!


Having been in the industry for over 3 years, Sam comes with experience in marketing for large franchise businesses at national, regional and local levels across Australia, New Zealand and the US, as well as experience with subscription based online products. 


We spent a few minutes sitting down with Sam to get to know her and why she is so excited to begin her Google journey with Expose Media!


What drew you to apply for this position at Expose Media?

I’ve always had a passion for PPC marketing, and was looking for a position where I could focus on that entirely. I’d heard from others in the industry that Expose was getting great results and had a great working environment, so I was excited to apply. 


Number one Google tip?

Remember that Google is a business, and their business goals don’t always align with your business goals. You need to get Google working for you, rather than the other way around. That means keeping up to date with the changes that Google makes and closely monitoring how those changes affect your business.

What’s your number one organisation tip?

I always like to keep my weekly to-do list written out next to me and keep it flexible in terms of priorities.


Favourite things to do on the weekends? 

Taking my dog to the dog park, and board games night with my family. 


If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I’d go back to Japan! I love the history there.

What would your last meal choice and beverage be?

Sushi and bubble tea 


If you were the office DJ, what playlist would you put on?

An instrumental rock playlist 


What are you most excited about in your new position?

Working with such a variety of different businesses and seeing them grow.


To connect with Sam on LinkedIn, click here!