Friday, June 18, 2021

5 Reasons To Make Your Office Plant & Puppy Friendly

A positive working environment is the key to maintaining a happy and productive team. The best way to do this is to ensure open and honest communication between staff and management, but here at Expose we’ve also got a few other ways we like to keep the office vibrations high! 

Recently, this has included introducing plants and puppies to the workplace! Obviously this is a combo pretty much everyone can get behind, but believe it or not there are also some scientific reasons this initiative has been so popular...

  1. Plants boost productivity

    A 2014 study found that office greenery significantly increased productivity. According to the study's leading author, by adding plants to a previously bare office space they were able to increase productivity by 15%! 

  2. Dogs increase morale and attendance

    A 2017 study found that dog friendly work environments can help to mitigate stress and manifest increased attendance and higher morale!

  3. Dogs are a social lubricant

    A study by Central Michigan University described dogs as ‘social lubricants’ after finding that introducing them to a workplace can help to put people at ease, which in turn can result in improved communication and cooperation.

  4. Office greenery helps replenish our attention capacity

    Researchers from the University of Michigan suggest that urban environments feature dramatic stimuli that demands urgent attention and often results in procrastination. In contrast, they argue greenery is characterised by intriguing stimuli that helps to replenish attention span and focus.

  5. Dogs increase appreciation & lower stress

    Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University recently found that employees allowed to bring their dogs to work experience higher levels of job satisfaction, increased appreciation for their employer and lower levels of stress throughout the day. 

Check out our instagram @exposemedia to see this initiative in action! If the science isn’t enough to convince you, happy snaps of our office pups Whisky, Mabel and Harvey definitely will!