Thursday, March 11, 2021

IWD 2021 - Expose Media Choose to Challenge

This week on Monday 8th March, the world celebrated International Women’s Day 2021. This annually occurring day exists to show recognition and appreciation for the incredible female population that walk this planet. This year’s theme was called ‘Choose to Challenge’, emphasising that all genders can make a choice to call out inequality. The campaign’s core belief is that a challenged world is an alert world, and through seeking out and celebrating women’s achievements we are helping to shape a more inclusive society. To show support, we all raised our hands high in solidarity and showed our commitment to choose to challenge.




Expose media are proud to currently employ 14 wonderful women who are making their mark in the digital marketing industry. The ladies of Expose are go-getters, thought leaders and creative do-ers that we are incredibly lucky to have on board. 

For IWD, we set up a day of events so that they could get out of the office, let the hair down for a couple of hours and feel respected and valued like the queens they are.

The first stop was a ‘Growing a Business in Brisbane’ event hosted by the Brisbane Economic Development Agency at the Brisbane Business Hub, where three influential female panelists took part in an awe-inspiring Q&A session. The ladies on stage were local businesswomen Marie Mortimer - Managing Director at loans.com.au, Katie Richards - CEO and Founder of Virtual legal and Law on Earth, and Sandra Ebbott - Founder and Managing Director of Mizzie the Kangaroo. Held in Queen Street, the event was right in the heart of the city, and brought together ladies of numerous backgrounds, ages and industries. It began with choccy brownies, coffee and chit-chat, but as soon as the microphone came on, it was down to business. The room became a space for an intimate discussion about being a fearless boss lady in a world that’s full of challenges.

From the moment each panelist opened up and shared their story, everyone’s ears perked up. Before the crowd were three women who were smart, successful, witty and wise. With an immaculate presentation and confident aura, one would think their lives are seamless. But as they got talking, each of them gave us the age-old reminder that at the end of the day - we are all human. We all start somewhere and we all face ups and downs. It’s all a part of the process.

Here's what some of our resident Expose ladies had to say about what they learnt at the event:

Ellen Bynge, Digital Strategist

“I think one of the most important reminders was to make sure our product or service solves a problem. It seems simple, but we can so easily get caught up in comparison-itis and what others think that we forget to run our own race and disrupt the industry we're in. Know your market like the back of your hand, communicate the value your product or service provides, then measure what matters.”

Jeannine De Villiers, Media Buyer

“It’s always inspiring to witness extremely successful females in action! All three speakers were insightful and magnetic in their tales of business adversity and delight. Most memorably, Katie Richard shared a term she coined ‘pronoia’ - the thought process which causes you to believe everyone is out to help you all of the time. It’s a great reminder of practising positivity, asking for help when needed, and trusting in others to want to help.” 

Izzy Dalton, Account Manager

“My key take out was that there is a lesson to be learnt in every loss, always take the positivity out.” 


Following the event, the ladies all rallied together for a long lunch at the QA Hotel on James Street - a pub that offers a fancified fare of food.

As soon as the girls returned, it was straight back to business and being the boss chicks they are. Expose would like to say a big cheers and thank you to each and every one of them. They help our agency thrive and we truly hope that they feel loved, respected and appreciated everyday of the year and not just for one.

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