Monday, March 15, 2021

Q&A With Our New Head of Facebook, Chelsey Nelson

At the start of March we were thrilled to open our doors to Chelsey, an American born and bred Facebook guru. Chelsey joins us all the way from Seattle in Washington, where she worked as a social media advertiser for over 6 years.

One week in and Chelsey is already in the full swing of things, working on establishing new processes for the digital team to make their work streamlined and more effective! We are all so excited to have her on board.  

Today we have stolen 5 minutes out of Chelsey’s busy schedule and pressed her with questions. From life in America, to her favourite hobbies, Chelsey is full of tales that we are thrilled to share with you.

Q: First of all, do you have a nickname? 

A: Most people call me Chels!

Q: Outside of work hours, what is your biggest passion?

A: I started getting into wine education a few years ago, so I started a blog called Wino on a Budget to document my journey. The more I get into wine, the more I want to learn! I even sat for and passed my WSET 2’s (Wine & Spirits Education Test) with Merit. I can’t wait to explore all the wine regions in Australia and hopefully New Zealand when borders open up. 

Q: How did you find Expose media and what made you apply for the job?

A: When I landed in Brisbane I knew I wanted to be working in digital marketing so I started to look around for open roles via LinkedIn. That’s when I found Digital Talent Co. who specialize in recruiting for those kinds of roles. I sent them an email with my resume and my current visa to see if anyone would be interested in hiring me. They spoke extremely highly of Expose Media and after my interview with Hugh and hearing his plans for the company, I was excited to accept the job offer!

Q: What are you looking forward to most about your new job?

A: I am looking forward to sharing all the structure, processes, and knowledge that I’ve built up over the past 6 years working in the industry. It’s exciting to bring the team and their clients a fresh perspective and a different way of thinking for media strategies. 

Q: If you could share one tip about digital marketing, what would it be?

A: Pay attention to the global news and specifically what is happening in the regions you are advertising to. If there is one thing that 2020 taught is that the world can change fast and if you aren’t paying attention, your brand can show up in the wrong conversations! So read the news daily, understand where your brand should and shouldn’t be, and have processes in place to make quick changes when you need to.  

Q: Tell us about life in America.. How are you adjusting to the Aussie lifestyle in Brisbane?

A: Life in America is still under lock down for Covid! I think that is by far the biggest difference here is just being able to go out in public without a mask on or fear that anyone anywhere could give you the virus. Other than that, I’m enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere here since life in the states can be very fast paced! The spiders are bigger here, there are more animals that could kill me than at home, and you drive on the opposite side of the road. All things I’m sure I’ll get used to (but maybe never the spiders). 

Q: What would your last meal choice and beverage be?

A: Lobster mac n’ cheese with a bottle of Chablis wine


To connect with Chelsey on LinkedIn, click here.