Thursday, May 13, 2021

What It's Like to Work at Expose Media

Hi everyone! I’m Meg, one of Expose’s resident Account Managers. 🙋‍♀️

I’ve been with team Expose for almost 2 wonderful years and during that time I’ve been lucky enough to interview many potential candidates and new hires. And the number one question I’ve been consistently asked is what is our team culture like? And second to that, what does a day in the life at Expose Media look like?

So today I’m popping into your feed to give you the inside scoop on our team culture and a peek at what it’s like to work for the no. #1 growth agency in Australia (full disclaimer: I may be slightly biased).

Welcome to Expose HQ!

When you enter our bright orange door (located right off central Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley) the first thing you’ll notice is we have a very open-plan office. Our team is spread across two floors with lots of indoor plants and big bright windows on the northern side of the building, which provide lovely warmth and sunshine in the Winter. 😍

We have a boardroom with a huge TV attached to the wall, a dining and kitchen space, a soundproof podcast room, a studio room (complete with lights, camera equipment and backdrop rolls), and a special space upstairs for our web development team.

Everyone has their own permanent desk and these typically feature laptops, 1 or 2 monitors, desk phones, a stack of notebooks/scribbles, Google coffee cups, snack collections, and a small family of plant babies. At any one time, you’ll also find odd bits and bobs floating around the office.

From a full-size wooden lifebuoy (don’t ask 😂) to client products and chew toys that belong to our beloved canine companions, Harvey and Whisky. Side note: we love our office doggos so much we turned them into Slack apps.

We are a Slack-powered agency

This brings me to our number one most-used software: Slack! We use Slack channels and direct messages for pretty much everything. We’ve got channels for every client, along with channels for interests like music, food and films, training and events, team wins, the Expose Social Club, the Welcoming Committee, account management, operations, and more.


Slack is the lifeblood of Expose and where you’ll find all the action happening on a day-to-day basis. We use the platform to share ideas and strategies, post work for internal approval, ask questions, get feedback, and make announcements. We also run external channels with a number of our VIP clients. But don’t worry, we’re not glued to our screens all the time! We still get up and talk to each other, throw banter around the office, and catch up face-to-face in internal meetings.

The team also use other platforms like ClickUp (our project management hub), Google Data Studio (for all our reporting needs), Shopify, Zoom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and of course our main bread and butter - Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, and Pinterest for Business. We also have a few other tools up our sleeve like Revealbot, Google Optimize, HotJar, Klaviyo, Quantcast, TikTok, and more… but I won’t reveal all our secrets!

Training and Opportunities

Every employee at Expose gets $1,000 a year to spend on whatever training they like. Previously, employees have spent their budget on things like flying to Melbourne to attend DMA (Digital Marketers Australia Conference), attending industry events and networking nights, and starting short courses or certificates. In 2019, a couple of our top-performing media buyers even travelled to Austin, Texas for the largest Messenger Marketing Conference in the world! 🔥✈️

One of the best things about Expose is in addition to all our Lunch ‘N Learn sessions and team training, you can pave your own personal development path and dedicate yourself to self-learning about whatever excites you. As our co-founder Hugh Rees likes to say “you can choose your own adventure”. 

Fun fact: all of our Media Buyers are either Google or Facebook Blueprint certified or working towards achieving their certificates. 

But, what are the people like?

In my experience, everyone at Expose has been super friendly and welcoming! We have quite a young team, which makes for a dynamic and passion-fuelled work environment. Our co-founders, Hugh and Phil, both have extensive agency and Web/Digital experience, so they encourage collaboration in the office and know what makes a team excel together.

We have regular team outings and social events where everyone comes together from all departments. Past highlights include laser tag, pizza and darts, barefoot bowls, Melbourne cup lunches, and let’s not forget the Annual Expose Office Olympics (very, very important 🤩).

Our agency is very fast-paced (that’s just the nature of serving over 40 amazing clients from around the globe! 🌏), but we always find time to check in with each other and have coffee or an after work bevvy at the Empire Pub - everyone welcome!

Our Wellbeing Initiative

Speaking of checking in with each other, mental health initiatives are something we really value at Expose. With all the pressures of meeting client targets, juggling multiple projects, and keeping up with the changing demands of advertising platforms, the Expose leadership team acknowledges that sometimes you just need to step away to recharge your batteries. 

So we have 4 wellbeing days per year (in addition to our annual leave) that we can use whenever we like. We’re also allowed to put our annual training budget towards health and wellness classes, conferences, or programs. 

Work from home perks

Because all of our work is saved in the cloud and we run all our meetings on Zoom, we have the luxury of being able to work remotely! Everyone has one dedicated day per week when we’re allowed to work from home. Personally, I LOVE being able to sleep in on Tuesdays, wear pyjama pants to meetings, and be able to make the early 5.15pm gym class. It’s the little things!

What does our day-to-day look like?

Okay, now I know what you might be thinking - WOW all of that sounds amazing, but what about just an average work day? What does a regular, run-of-the-mill Monday for example look like at Expose?

Well, it’s super different for everyone. But, we always start the day with 15-20 minutes to settle in, check our emails and Slack, and respond to any urgent requests. Then it’s onto WIP (work in progress). This is a daily department meeting where we discuss priorities for the day, what we need help with, and any important team announcements. And then it’s onto the day’s activities!

On any given day, the boardroom is usually scheduled for back-to-back meetings. People are coming and going from their desks to chat with other departments or their neighbours. We normally have music on all day in the background, and you’ll notice the coffee machine upstairs grinding often.

The team are usually busy working on things like optimising ad accounts, submitting copy or creative briefs, designing beautiful landing pages, researching competitors, preparing reports, creating clever email flows, talking to clients, and more! 

No day is the same at Expose HQ, and that’s the way we like it. 🧡

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside our agency! If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our careers page - we have role openings all the time and we’d love to hear from you. You can also follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest updates.