Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Q&A with our new Senior Performance Marketer, Luke James!

At the end of July we were thrilled to welcome Luke, an Australian digital marketing guru joining us all the way from Finland. 

Luke comes to Expose with a passion for adventure and thrives on new experiences. He has lived across 5 continents, working across such diverse roles as a ski instructor in the United States to owning and managing a bar and live music venue to establishing leading music festivals across Asia. With a wealth of experience running digital marketing campaigns for high profile clients like Cricket Australia and the New Zealand All Blacks he comes to Expose with a broad marketing toolkit.

We stole 5 minutes of Luke’s time to get to know what a day is like as an Aussie digital marketer in Finland. Read our Q&A below to see why we’re so excited to have Luke on the team!


Okay first of all, Finland, that’s pretty far away for a bloke from Australia. Tell us more, what is life like? 

Well, significantly more reindeer for starters :) But seriously, it’s been ranked one of the happiest countries on earth for a number of years in a row, and it’s clear to see why. There are a lot of things they just seem to get right over here. You need to be okay with the cold though - the winters can be long and dark... Finns are polite and friendly though it can be a little tough to crack through the cultural barriers sometimes but a bit of Aussie banter usually warms people up. 

How did you find Expose Media and what drew you to apply for the job?

Expose are one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Australia and I’d known the founder of Expose Media, Hugh Rees after seeking out mentoring from him in 2020. He was instrumental in further sharpening my skills in media buying so when the opportunity opened to join the Expose team I leapt at the opportunity and jumped ship from my previous agency. 


How has your experience been joining the Expose family so far?

It’s been great being involved in a dynamic and supportive team that are doing big things for our clients. We’re looking forward to a huge Q4. 


Number one digital marketing tip?

Really, really get to know your audience. Pay attention to comments and feedback, utilize surveys and use social listening.


What do your weekends generally involve?

Drone photography and videography, getting outdoors and exploring Finland’s natural wonders.

What would your last meal choice and beverage be?

The longer I’m away from Australia, the more my love for a classic chicken parmigiana grows. Serve it up with a nice cold IPA and I’ll happily embrace my maker. 


Working from home, what’s your go-to playlist or podcast? 

I geek out over behavioral economics and consumer psychology so will often have podcast from people like Rory Sutherland or Richard Thaler. Having said that I’ve got a passionate love affair with melodic techno as well, so you’re just as likely to hear some basslines. 

To connect with Luke on LinkedIn, click here.