Adventure 1 Series

The Adventure 1 Series is now the premier National Adventure Racing series in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. All races involve the core disciplines of trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and navigation. Bringing together the best athletes and races in the most challenging yet stunning landscapes each country has on offer.
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The Project

The Adventure 1 dream was all about bringing Adventure Racing to Australia and bringing Australian Adventure Racers to the world. The client came to us looking for not only a visually impressive website he could proudly launch to the world but a fully functional back end for up-to-date rankings, results, teams and races.

The UX

The visual side was the easy part. With stunning imagery at the ready from various races we knew we had to showcase as much as we could, therefore a video on the home page was the perfect solution. From there it was a matter of putting all the pieces together in a functional, aesthetically pleasing way, to incorporate the many components of the site while maintaining great design.

Customer Journey

Four key sections of the site are displayed as icons on the homepage, these open out to mega menus with easy access for users. The main menu items all feature drop downs and each item is a page of its own - (mini-site) with its own menu items. There are also three fly-out sections, featuring key sections of the site - news, next race, and rankings and results. These are updated automatically through the back end and include a live countdown.

The Solution

To simply call this a website feels diminishing of how much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it, as our dev team said - each menu item is like a website of its own. In saying all that, it was a labor of love, and something we are very proud to have been a part of. We reckon we’re ready to tackle an adventure race next!


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