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Bacchus Brewing Co

Bacchus Brewing Co are one of the most unique and exciting breweries in the Brisbane area, specialising in bespoke brewing. Their craft beers can be enjoyed at their Brisbane based cellar door, where they produce up to twelve different beers a week over their twenty dedicated taps and variety of bottles.
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The Project

The previous Bacchus Brewing Co website was poorly designed, with a terrible bounce rate and little to no conversion rate. For those few who did convert, the process of getting from a beer selection to a shopping cart was really difficult. Bacchus came to us for a full website redesign, after having a great deal of trouble turning over any kind of online sales.


Coming from issues with the buying journey and previous website not being taken seriously, we rebuilt the Bacchus site to be more enticing and reputable by showing the full Bacchus experience both online and at the brewery. There’s almost a brewery on every corner, so standing out from the saturated market was really important. 

UX and Customer Journeys

By designing a clean and inviting site, and including features such as the video banner, we’ve produced a website with a great user experience from start to finish. Overcoming these challenges has allowed us to create a loyal customer base and instil a confidence in both new and existing buyers. Coming from a more reputable site boasting Bacchus’ multifaceted experience, online sales have skyrocketed. 


Our website success with Bacchus has seen an uptake in in-store traffic from people who are coming to visit based on what they’ve seen on our site, largely thanks to the interactive video banner. It’s a perfect example of a Brick and Mortar moving into the digital world and having a positive effect with both worlds colliding. Bacchus have gone from having very little online exposure, to multi channelled sales conversions both online and instore.


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