• The Project

    Bare and Boho are an online eco-store selling re-usable cloth nappies. The website was cluttered and important call to actions were lost. A full re-design of the entire site was required. Our aim was to ensure the internal pages were consistent with the homepage, create a better flow and “minimalist feel” between pages. 

  • The UX

    For a smooth and simple user experience, the use of a mega menu allows users to get to where they need to quicker and easier. With website user attention spans disintegrating the use of white space, simple, easy to read fonts and reduced text on this site keeps things clear and concise. 

  • Customer Journey

    Putting a portal straight to the shop is the best way to get people straight to products. We've implemented this along with a mega menu structure to help get customers closer to the product pages and closer to making a purchase.

The Solution

Combining simplicity and a muted color palette, with plenty of white space gave the Bare and Boho website a proper "re-fresh", giving users a streamlined experience. 

Free tip:

Adding Best Sellers to your home page will entice users further down the funnel, and closer to making a purchase.

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