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The Brand

Citizen Wolf's specialty is made-to-measure, ethically-produced, sustainable t-shirts. The Sydney-based brand exclusively uses local materials and an award-winning Magic Fit® algorithm, which uses simple biometrics to create unique tees that perfectly fit your body — no measuring tapes needed!

The Content

After working with Citizen Wolf for many months testing their existing content through paid advertising, we were struggling to find a winning combination of creative and copy that would consistently drive sales. One of our main problems was a lack of video content, as well as creative that showcased the full-color range and product features with a diversity of models.

So we decided to do a shoot and work with Citizen Wolf to coordinate the finer details. Citizen Wolf sent us a bundle of tees in a variety of colors and sizes and we set to work searching for models that would suit the brand. We wanted at least two females and two males, with a younger and older age demographic so that we could create ads that would appeal to a broader target market. After negotiating the model contracts, we hired a studio with beautiful natural lighting, which featured exposed brick walls, concrete flooring, and included a photo roller with several different colors available.

Using the shoot brief and storyboard we created, our videographer shot a sequence of pre-arranged actions and movements to create a library of multi-purpose visuals (e.g. stills, video, GIFs with overlays, graphics, etc.). The result was simple, beautiful close-ups that show how the tees fit the body and wide shots that show what the fabric moves like.


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