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The Cooking Guild

With over twenty years of experience in hand-forging bespoke kitchen knives, The Cooking Guild was created out of a passion for the art of knife-making and love of cooking. Every detail is handcrafted, from hammer-forged high carbon steel to ancient fire quenching techniques, all to create a screamingly sharp, well-balanced and high quality knife.
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The Project

The team at The Cooking Guild approached us wanting to improve their branding, user interface and brand engagement on their website - but above all, their conversion rates. The main objective was to focus on the customer journey by placing a strong and unique emphasis on upselling, the visual imagery and videos of the knives. Our target was not only professionals in the food industry, but any man who dreams of camping and visualises the experience. To do this, we created new content and creatives to strengthen the brand and develop a more enticing and quality shopping experience.


The existing site was really quite slow and clunky - we focused on a complete rebuild, and re-designing it with customer experience and brand engagement as the focal points. We built creative pathways to strengthen upsells on the website, and improved mobile responsiveness and speed.

UX and Customer Journeys

The team invested in an understanding of the audience personas and videod stellar new creative from product shoots to engaging header imagery for their improved and sophisticated online presence. The engaging new user interface and design includes new effects such as ‘buy now’ buttons across multiple touchpoints, leading to a seamless UX.


By producing higher quality creatives and focusing on upselling sheaths and bundles, we strengthened The Cooking Guild’s brand recognition and conversion rates, resulting in more satisfied customers who are excited to return for repeat purchases.


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