eBET website

Their Story:

EBET approached us with the opportunity to design and develop an all new website that would encourage and engage with users to help better understand the services and products EBET have on offer.

The Problem:

The existing website lacked responsiveness and detracted from the desired user experience. Pages were ungainly, and the overall site navigation was unintuitive. This presented us with the exiting challenge to create something new, innovative and overall engaging experience.

The Solution:

One of the key aspects of the website was to emphasise the customer service experience and streamline user engagement. As EBET have a variety of intricate and resourceful products and/or services on offer, it was paramount to identify, highlight and present these finding based on the needs of the customers in the quickest and most efficient manner.

here's how we did it...

From a design standpoint, both the client and ourselves wanted to create something with a dignified “WOW” factor.

Albeit creative jargon, we firmly believed in engaging with our audience from the initial site visit with visual and functional impact. This helped us conceptualise and develop what we coined as the “mega menu”. The primary function of the mega menu was to create a one stop menu for all of the critical information found throughout the website.

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It is important to have all the crucial information front and centre on the home page, as a scrolling feature highlighting what you really want the customers to see. It is a proven stat that up to 75% of people naturally scroll down on home pages to see what is the key information is on hand.

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The Stats

On launch we had 3,600 hits in the first week

Visits to the Gaming System page has increased 4x

Reiterating on the idea that users and potential customers needed to be able to easily access and understand the information presented on the website, we believed it to be important for all of the product information EBET had to offer, to be located in one primary location. This allowed for users to navigate seamlessly between products.

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Previously the EBET website didn’t have a cohesive responsive features which made viewing the site more difficult for those outside of the desktop viewing platform. Therefore, for this design, it was crucial for us to create a fully responsive and streamlined website that could be viewed efficiently on all digital platforms as 78% of people view content on their phones now outside work.

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