Their Story.

Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit farm sanctuary with a vision for a humane and just world for all. The farm is set on 153 peaceful acres near Lancefield, Victoria (Australia), about 60 km north of Melbourne; where they rescue and provide sanctuary to over 450 animals in need.

The Dilemma.

Edgar’s Mission has built a loyal, caring community across Facebook, Instagram and email. They were looking for a way to consistently grow their community and generate funds for their charity through eCommerce.

To do this, their key goals were: Increase their eCommerce sales by finding new audiences and increasing their return on ad spend. Increase the size of their email audience.

The Solution.

Since we started working with Edgar’s Mission we have increased their total sales by 75% compared to the previous period as well as a 29% increase in their returning customer rate. In just over one month we have more than doubled their eCommerce sales at an overall return of 4.57x.

here's how we did it...

To grow their eCommerce sales, we focused on fully understanding their audience, their interests and the language they used.

We then used this information to build out a highly targeted, strategic Facebook advertising funnel. At the top of this funnel, we utilised a series of interest-based and Lookalike audiences based on previous purchase data. For creative, we used a range of slightly different, highly engaging video content.

We then analysed the website and social media engagement data to assess which pages and aspects of social channels would be most profitable to target.

Content was created based on the user’s intention and their previous location or ad they viewed. For example, in one of our remarketing campaigns, we targeted people who had viewed over 50% of our Top Of Funnel videos, while excluding people who have journeyed further down the funnel (i.e., viewed a product a purchased). We have tailored this messaging based on the previous content these users have consumed and the next step we are hoping they will take.

social media

Lead Gen:

Edgar’s Mission’s other key goal was to increase their email list. They wanted to turn their Instagram and Facebook audience into email subscribers as well as finding new audiences to join their list.

For this, we targeted a Lookalike of past customers as well as Instagram and Facebook engagers. We ran a giveaway for a special limited edition prize and, in total, gathered 761 leads at an average cost of $0.63 per lead!

The Stats:

eComm sales increased: 75% increase on previous period

Gathered 761 leads in 2 weeks at $0.63 per lead

How did we do it?

Giveaways are often thought of to be an easy way to gather leads. However, there are a couple of key strategies worth applying to ensure that these leads are acquired at a low-cost and qualified and have the potential to become future customers.

For this particular giveaway, we ensured the prize was highly specific to the target audience and limited edition. This qualifies the leads as being in the target audience (otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in the prize) and ensures a low cost per lead (because of the scarcity of the prize).

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