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Electrum Performance

Electrum Performance is an evidence-based virtual training platform that provides cutting-edge individualized online workout programs to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes, at any skill or experience level, worldwide.
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The Project

Electrum Performance came to us for a smooth transition from their previous Wordpress site to build a Shopify store. We focused on selling their workout plans, informing their audience about jiu-jitsu, and growing a strong brand around fitness and personal development. To do this we primarily displayed their strong following and testimonials from world champions on their website to increase brand recognition. 


Starting on a fresh canvas with a brand new Shopify, we created a fully-functioning shoppable site that sells both apparel and workout plans with subscription based services. We ensured the website was mobile responsive, naturally pushed EDM sign ups, and used educational landing pages as a key to building great customer engagement. 

UX and Customer Journeys

When building the Shopify, we designed an engaging and eye-catching new interface with a seamless customer journey emphasising the educational angle Electrum wanted to push. We fully integrated a subscription management system, Exercise.com, as well as Stripe to create seamless payment flows across all subscription based products, all controlled from the Shopify dashboard.


As stated by Electrum Performance, “resilience breeds excellence” and we’re happy to say we built an intuitive and seamless website targeted at amateurs in the grappling and jiu jitsu space. The team wanted to build a website that wasn't just about selling workout plans and apparel, but also provided free, insightful and educational content to people interested in the sport.


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