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The Brand

Since 2010, Happy Skincare has been developing and perfecting their range of all-natural skincare products that Harness the power of Mother Nature! Their products contain no hidden nasties and are even recommended by medical professionals. 

The Content

After running ads for the brand for half a year in 2018, the client was very keen to push across the message that their skincare products are perfect for anyone to use. The problem? All the content already supplied was either product photos or had women in them of an older demographic. From our experience running age demographic campaigns in the past, we found that people resonate better with ads when it’s someone of their own age bracket. So it was decided we would create some new content using a variety of ages. 

We hired an Airbnb on the Gold Coast for the day which was very minimalist luxe, featuring lots of greenery and white to match their brand. By hiring a full house, we were able to utilize different aspects of the house for different scenes of the shoot. We also hired 4x models between the ages of 20 - 55 along with a videographer, photographer, hair, and makeup artist along with purchasing props to use. 


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