Their Story.

Harlow's core belief is that every woman has the right to find fashion that reflects her personality.

Designed and made in Melbourne, Harlow is a range of women’s clothing for sizes 12-26 aimed at the woman who yearns to change the world, for women who stand tall and proud and for women who want to set themselves apart from the crowd.

The Problem.

Harlow were getting a low ROI on their ad spend and were looking for an experienced/specialised digital agency to not only improve it, but introduce the brand to new audiences.

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The Solution.

While Harlow's target audience is specific, not all customers are the same!

To take Harlow to a brand new audience, we took things back to basics.

Firstly, to understand the scope, we undertook a digital audit of their website, their assets and their sales history to form a strategy to showcase Harlow. Being a plus-size, premium fashion label, their target market is highly specific and their marketing strategy needed to reflect this.

Secondly, working with a base audience of Harlow’s current customers we utilised Facebook’s Lookalike Audience targeting to find other women in Australia who would be interested in the brand. We used a combination of video and slideshow based ads to engage this cold audience and warm them up to Harlow’s unique style and message.

And finally, we ensured that every aspect of our campaign was data-driven. By analysing past sales we were able to determine not only the most popular products but also the most popular colours and styles. These products were the ones that were shown to new customers. This approach proved successful with our marketing to brand new audiences resulting in a Return On Investment (ROI) of 400%.

To maximise Harlow's Return On Investment we prioritised understanding their existing clients. After testing audiences and creative we found Harlow’s strength was in their unmatched level of product quality and the brand loyalty it attracts.

Here's a secret tip:

One thing many brands forget to do is to say "thank you" to their customers. As part of Harlow's digital strategy, we made sure we showed behind the scenes footage along with a thank you message to everybody who bought a product. Not only does this increase brand loyalty but it skyrocketed their ROI with many customers purchasing again!

To turn this loyalty into sales, we utilised a re-targeting strategy that focused on generating repeat purchase behaviour.

As soon as new products launched, Harlow’s loyal audience of purchasers were the first to know with ads delivered in conjunction with the brand’s EDM.

This multi-touchpoint approach delivered results with every dollar spent on digital marketing in 2018 turning into at least $10 of revenue.

To bring things full circle and create a perpetually successful strategy, the newrelease products that sold well with the Harlow loyals then became the next batch of best-sellers.

the cold hard stats

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ROAS – Harlow


Harlow's Online Store Sales are up 48% for the previous period and up 171% from the previous year.

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