The job.

We were approached by Hit105 Brisbane to come behind the scenes and find out what the daily life is like for the breakfast show team. Having listened to the crew every morning on our way to work, we were thrilled by the opportunity and, of course, grabbed it immediately!

At the studio from 3AM, we met with the famous voices behind Hit105's Morning Show: gorgeous breakfast chef, Abby Coleman; comic superhero, Stav Davidson; ring leader, Matty Acton, and rose specialist, Osher Günsberg. We followed them through their morning routines (including lots of coffee), and were taken on a tour of the studio. With a full-morning ahead of us, we were excited to see what a normal day was like for them.

One of the main motives behind this project was to help Brisbane listeners get to know the team behind the voices they hear on the radio. They all have such individual and equally boisterous personalities. We can also guarantee they are as funny off-air as they are on-air. This video was not only about presenters, but also about all the other members involved… cue the production crew.

The result.

The entire day was an incredible insight into the lives of morning radio, as it's something that has never been done before. We uncovered the secrets behind what makes the team work, their ability to sort out issues straight away and how they make sure every day is as fun as the next. Check out the full video and let us take you on a behind the scenes journey of a day in the lift of Hit105's favourite morning team.

We were offered to explore every aspect of the show which included sitting in on the morning de-briefs, post-show meetings, in-studio recordings and even their daily breakfast routines.

Matty Acton kindly took us through the panel he manages throughout the show, which controls the introductory segments and random, fun noises you may hear.

Matty gets surprised with a puppy.... Not sure he’s as happy about it as we would be!

The team getting in a wake up run - minus Osher ;)

We want to say a big thanks to the entire team at Hit105 for having us there and being so welcoming (and hilarious). We hope you enjoy the behind the scenes journey of a day in the lift of Hit105's favourite morning team.

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