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The Brand

Indooroopilly Golf Club delivers a premium golfing experience. With tranquil parkland surroundings and a unique 36-hole championship course, the Club offers flexible and accessible membership options for players of all abilities in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Content

In October 2019, the club decided to do a big membership drive to push for new men’s, women’s, and junior membership sign-ups. To engage new cold traffic and attract the attention of potential members, we decided to shoot some new video footage of the course, existing members playing golf, and a number of small group lessons to showcase the club’s superior practice facilities and teachers. 

Our Videographer and Creative Director spent a day on the green capturing some amazing drone footage of Indooroopilly Golf Club’s state-of-the-art course and shots of the players. They also worked with the Golf Coordinator and several pro players at the club to capture 30-second “Tips from the Experts” videos that we could run as educational ads at MOF. We then edited and cut the videos using upbeat music and text overlays showcasing the club’s unique selling points.


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