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Isabelle Quinn

Founded by Isabelle Quinn, the name sake label has always stayed true to the original vision of creating for the romantic, the unconventional and the carefree modern girl. From essential basics to effortless silhouettes, Isabelle Quinn has always pulled inspiration from the independent women around her, wanting to create pieces that uplift and empower their individuality and femininity.
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Results Snapshot

6.3X return on ad spend
59% increase in revenue
60% increase in sales
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"So in the month of December, I set myself a goal and we completely smashed it, I was stoked. I think we got a 6.3 return and I can’t wait to beat it this year".

Isabelle Quinn

The Issue

Having struggled with ad campaigns in-house, IQ decided that consistency was needed to make conversions. It was a case of having someone with the means and time dedicated to advertising the brand.

Our Objectives

We wanted to build the IQ campaigns from the ground-up, to monitor campaigns and alter the strategy month by month for optimum growth and a solid foundation. The end goal was to produce more sales, with a solid strategy, this was how we wanted to tackle the project.

Our Process

TOF Organic style content filmed in-studio & GIFS performed better than campaign shoots in terms of sales. This was because you clearly see the style, fit, and look more than an artistic shoot. IG Stories were by far the best placement.

Retargeting carousels of ‘Look Whos Spotted In’ images from influencers / tagged photos worked well. This was enhanced by IQ’s influencer strategy driving relevant traffic to the site and increasing engagement on her social media pages.

The Results

IQ was attracting new sales and smashing targets almost instantly. With a 6.3X ROAS, IQ was able to bring on more staff and continue to climb the charts in conversions. 


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