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JavaPresse was born out of a passion to help people transform their favourite coffee ritual into a meaningful moment. With responsibly sourced and exceptional beans, JavaPresse coffee ensures you can enjoy more happiness, abundance, and fulfilment in every part of your life.
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The Project

After working with a variety of web developers resulting in a somewhat messy back end, JavaPresse came to us to rebuild their entire store from scratch. Their previous website wasn’t responsive for mobile and the desktop site was slow, leading to an unfavourable user experience and low conversion rates.


The new JavaPresse website required us to rebuild the four main webpages; home, product, coffee blends and About to help entice conversions and user friendliness. As a social enterprise, the website also boasts a custom-built education portal, educating customers about the links between coffee and sustainability to increase brand loyalty and awareness.

UX and Customer Journeys

Initial research showed us that while JavaPresse customers care about the source of their coffee beans, their first priority was the purchase element. It was important to get the flow from farm to purchase correct, to effectively sell ethically sourced, great coffee. Once we gave people the information they wanted to know in the order they wanted it, we were able to successfully compress the website's clutter to improve site speed and conversions, whilst not losing the ethical and educational aspect at the root of JavaPresse.


By changing things from a conversion rate optimisation perspective, JavaPresse have seen a higher uptake in purchases of coffee due to a cleaner customer journey. Customers can now navigate through the site with ease, inspiring more purchases than before and most importantly giving the customers what they want to see as opposed to being lost in a busy site.


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