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MAISON de SABRÉ refines the art of personalized leather goods with their signature premium collection of cases, wallets, clutches and pocket accessories. Every piece can be monogrammed and provides a canvas for self-expression and self-identity.
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The Project

With a multitude of backend and front end functions, the MAISON de SABRÉ website continues to develop and adjust with the aim of improving user experience. This fed through to ensuring the backend had multiple customization options for the client to easily amend and make changes seamlessly. Responsiveness was also a huge factor in the creation of the website.

The UX

Using a combination of sliders and lazy-loaded images we ensured fluidity of UX throughout the site. Responsiveness was a huge factor in the design of the website and ensuring functions worked across multiple devices was paramount.

Customer Journey

Building custom sliders for seamless scrolling and created a customized personalization tool, so no matter if they were on desktop or mobile, they could enter their initials and have the best user experience without scrolling or barriers. we ensured there were no glitches, slow load speed, or any other bugbears that you encounter on websites. Everything was built and calculated accordingly, making it very difficult to break.

The Solution

Extensive testing and iterations were implemented. The website also boasts a custom-built cart with the inclusion of recommended products based on the items chosen by the user, helping improve sales.


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