• 100k sales in US store in 3 months

  • 21% increase conversion rate

  • 144% increase in sales in Australia and New Zealand

Their Story.

In 2017, we started MAISON de SABRÉ to represent our commitment to translate self-identity into a personalized creative outlet. We focused on combining the best of materials and design principles to create statement pieces that inspire us and our community of go-getters.

The Problem.

MAISON de SABRÉ is an Australian premier bespoke leather goods brand who specialize in luxury leather phone cases. Not content with just selling their cases in Australia and New Zealand, MAISON de SABRÉ wanted to take over the world.  They had already begun to build a solid following on social media, thanks to their extensive and strategic influencer marketing but were ready to take their paid digital advertising to the next level.

The Solution.

Staying true to the distinct luxe style of MAISON de SABRÉ we were able to effectively scale their social media advertising to expand into the US, Europe and Asia.

Expanding to different markets wasn’t without obstacles. For example, we had success utilizing MAISON de SABRÉ’s influencer marketing content in locations where these influencers were well-known, such as Australia or the US. Although, this creative did not perform as well in countries where they were less well known. We were able to successfully overcome this by segmenting our audiences and creating specific ads for different locations. We had great success using product ‘hero’ shots as carousel ads as opposed to influencer carousels in Asian countries.  

Co-founders Zane and Omar talking about their time with Expose Media

Maximizing MAISON de SABRÉ's Return On Investment.

We have continuously used different ad formats, copy and content to engage people at different stages of the sales funnel.

For cold audiences at the top of the sales funnel we found great success using a general branding video ad.

Once people showed interest in a particular phone case or took a specific action on the website we then sent them a tailored product, lifestyle or influencer carousel.

After testing and analyzing various ads and audiences to find the ones that performed well, we were then able to scale our campaigns accordingly.

This meant we were attracting new people in a fun, engaging way and getting people into our funnel for only $0.30-0.45 cents! 

Free tip: Influencers work!

Throughout our campaign, we utilized influencers in the US and Australia and it paid off. Don't be afraid to try a new way of marketing, just choose the right people for your audience!

Subscription goodness.