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Maison de Sabre launched in 2017, aiming to produce personalized leather goods to help translate their commitment to self-identity. By combining the best of materials and design principles to create statement pieces that inspire them and their community of go-getters.
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Results Snapshot

11X ROAS average return on ad spend
171% increase on returns from the previous year
400% return on utilizing new audiences
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"Our orders grew upwards of 1015%. When we had some professional input and when Expose Media started taking over our accounts, we saw that our first-quarter growth was out of this world."


The Issue

Operating purely in Australia and New Zealand, they wanted to expand and start taking the world by storm. They already had a solid social media following thanks to their efforts with strategic influencer marketing. But they wanted to take their paid digital advertising to the next level.

Our Objectives

We wanted to push the influencer content into other countries, to expand the reach and obtain new markets. Scaling their brand was at the forefront of our plan and this was the best way to start the process.

Our Process

Expanding into new markets wasn’t without obstacles, we had success utilizing influencer marketing in locations where these influencers were well-known, however this creative did not have the same success in countries they were less known. We were able to overcome this by segmenting our audiences and creating specific ads for different locations.

The Results

This worked phenomenally for Maison de Sabre, we were attracting new customers in a fun and engaging way and getting people in the funnel for only 30cents. Not only was this working for our international markets, but we had an increase of 144% in sales for Australia and New Zealand.


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