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The Brand

Michael Todd Beauty combines the power of antimicrobial and sonic technology with everyday convenience to bring you a line of effective, attractive and affordable beauty tools.

The Content

As a US brand just launched in Australia, the content that they supplied us had a few flaws for an Australian audience. Firstly, a lot of their product shots contained products that weren’t available in Australia! Whether this was the pattern of a certain tool or an outside brand included in a flat lay, we couldn’t use these photos in our ads. Secondly, the UGC content supplied was from American influencers which don’t hold the same accountability for Australian consumers.

Michael Todd sent us a variety of their products in different patterns and at the start of each month, we hired a different venue and took a collection of images to use in both their ads and social media. Using the style guide we created for their social media channels, we took a variety of lifestyle and product shots that contained clean white backgrounds and bright pops of color.


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