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The Brand

Your monthly sock subscription just got a whole lot better with Monthly Mutt with your choice of subscription length, you can have a different dog on your socks every month. As well as the chance to customize your dog portrait and purchase other Mutt merchandise.

The Social Strategy

When Monthly Mutt approached us to take over their socials, they had been very inconsistent with their posting and not using images of their actual socks enough throughout the feed. As a very fun brand, we developed a social strategy that was colorful, playful, and fun! 

To begin, one of the main things we implemented was using a range of user-generated content of not only customers but popular ‘Dog’ Instagram profiles. By using UGC content and not generic images found on stock sites or Pinterest, we were able to utilize different audiences from those profiles by tagging them and including hashtags that were relevant to them. 

We also took a range of photos of the socks against a white wall and created a range of colorful graphics that were used in a pattern throughout the feed. Based on previous best performing posts, we also scattered various dog memes in the feed as these generated the most engagement and reached the most people. All posts were paired with quirky, fun, and pun-ney captions that really reflected the brand's personality tying it all in together.

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